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Sun TV

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Sun TV is the No.1 Tamil TV channel and Sun TV Network’s Family Entertainment Channel. This is the most prominent of all Tamil TV Channels. It offers wholesome entertainment for Tamil audiences and is available as part of our attractive packages. It offers entertaining and informative programs for all age groups. Its contemporary style and unique programs make it the first choice of Tamils across the globe. It has its hand perfectly on the pulse of viewers.

The programs on Sun TV are quite diverse and range from films, film based shows, serials, cookery shows, talk shows, lifestyle, game shows, devotional, women’s programs, health, kids and more. Some of the highly popular programs include Super Kudumbam 2, Deivamagal, Thirai Vimarsanam, Kutty Chutties, Cinema Seithigal and more. For viewers eager to watch Tamil TV Online, this is the ideal choice.

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Vijay TV

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Vijay TV is a leading Tamil TV channel from the Star group. Known for its innovative and trendsetting programming, it’s quite popular among Tamil audiences. This features as part of our attractive packages. With and accent on producing programs that appeal to people from all walks of life, it offers an interesting mix of movies, shows, serials and more.

Vijay TV’s programs are quite eclectic and the line-up for viewers is quite varied ranging from films, serials, talent contests, health shows, music shows, variety shows, reality shows and more. Some of the big hits are Super Singer, Neeya Naana, Sarvanan Meenatchi, Bhakthi Tiruvizha, Time Pass, Deivam Thantha Veedu and so on.

When it comes to choosing your Tamil Live Streaming channels from ChannelLive, this is one channel that you must not skip. Star Vijay TV lives up to the reputation of its parent brand Star and this is the reason why Star Vijay TV Channel is much sought after. We invite you to watch Star Vijay TV online with streaming that’s as smooth as silk!


Jaya TV

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Jaya TV has a flavor of its own and enjoys a strong viewership among Tamilians. It offers entertainment along with a great deal of focus on current affairs and politics. The blends of various genres make this a lively channel that is well-loved. We have included it in our packages of Tamil live streaming channels so viewers do not miss out.

Manathodu Mano, Jackpot, Arusuvai Neram and so on are some of the signature programs on Jaya TV that are being talked about. Super hit films, serials, news, call in programs, health shows, music shows, variety shows, reality shows and more are available for viewers.

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