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Product Features
Live south indian tv channels, streaming Tamil TV channels, Telugu channels
South Indian TV Channels
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Online video offerings
Indian TV channels ,Indian movies live or vod
Play your personal Audio / Video files from USB
Indian TV live and VOD
Play your personal Audio / Video files from external Hard Drive
Channel live TV ,Telugu news,SunTV, Mega TV, Gemini TV available on devices connected to home network
Play your personal Audio / Video files from Home Network
South Indian tv ,Live TV or VOD
Browse web pages directly on TV
watch online Tamil movies,Telugu movies online or rent movies
Rent Movies from other providers
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Applications from GOOGLE Play
weather updates on channel live Indian TV
Local Weather Updates
channel Live Indian TV facebook
Google TV Live TV Channel Live Indian TV Start now
Channel Live Indian TV streaming South Indian Channels on Netgear neo TV
LG Smart TV
(GA6400 & GA 7900)
Channel live Available on google TV ,vizio co star
VIZIO costar
Live Indian TV streaming Tamil Channels on Vizio costar
Hisense pulset
Channel Live Indian TV,streaming Hisense pulset
Sony NSZGS7 internet player – Google TV
 Indian TV channel Live on NSZGS7
Sony NSZGS8 internet player – Google TV
Channel Live in google TV NSZGS8
Logitech Revue
channel Live Indian TV on demand in logitech
Live Indian TV channel Live on Asus cube
Android Devices Buy Channel live Indian TV services Start now
Kindle Fire
Channel Live Indian TV on Kindle fire
Samsung Galaxy Tabs (1,2,3)
Channel Live Indian TV on Samsung Galaxy Tabs
Samsung Note
Indian TV online ,channel Live on Samsung note
Asus Tablet
Indian TV online or vod Channel LIve on Asus Tablet
Motorola XOOM
Channel Live TV,South Indian movies online TV serials online on Motorola XOOM
Android Phones Buy ChannelLive services, streaming Indian TV Start now
Samsung S3, S4
Sun TV, mega TV, Gemini TV, Vijay TV streaming on Samsung s3, S4
Motorola Droid, Atrix
Channel LIve IPTV ,South Indian TV channels live on Motorola droid
Tamil TV , Telugu TV channels streaming on HTC one
LG Optimus
ChannelLive IPTV South Indian TV channels streaming on LG optimus
Other Android smart phones
Channel Live Indian TV Live or vod on android phones