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Works with ROKU, Samsung Smart TV, Bluray Players, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android Set Top Boxes, iPad, iPhone, Tablets and Computer.


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ChannelLive Android App Download ChannelLive Android App Download latest version Download our ChannelLive app on your Smart TV, streaming player, phone and tablet.
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ChannelLive Mobile Apps, both iOS and Android are pre-integrated with the new Google’s Chromecast technology. In combination with a Chromecast, you can simply use your phones, tablets or iPads to watch our channels on your big screen TV.

Air Play:

With a companion Apple TV, you can use ChannelLive iPhone or iPad app to stream the channels to your big screen TV. You will be able to change channels or change different videos from your phone or tablets. Very convenient to walk around the house and still control what you are watching.

*Chromecast, Airplay are registered trademarks of Google and Apple respectively

Compatible Devices

Can't find your device?

We support most of the 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 models.
Search for “ChannelLive” in the store. If you have trouble finding it, please contact our support.

Coming soon: 2015 Models

Call our customer support for details.

1. Amazon Fire TV – All models are supported
2. Amazon Fire TV stick – All models supported

All models are supported.

Releasing Soon.

Releasing Soon.

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